Good sight is not limited to how well we can see with our eyes, but how well we can see and understand the things that happen around us. A lot that happens around us which deserves our attention, is often ignored. The 2nd Thursday of October is observed as World Sight Day by the UN, which happens to be the 8th of October this year . Let’s take this day to look at the various ways in which we do not see the important things around us. We Indians seem to have a callous attitude about a lot of things – rules, suffering, other people and their comfort. We feel that we are entitled and do not need to maintain decorum. However, this only causes more chaos, which also we choose to ignore.

For the occasion, Lenskart has done an out-of-the-box campaign which highlights how us Indians need to evaluate how we (un)see things. Makes us wonder where our values have vanished!

1. You must have an impaired soul if you make your city walls ugly by spitting on them!

2. We seem to develop partial blindness when we see the word ‘not.’

3. Because of sheer laziness, you are not only putting your own life at risk, but also the lives of those in vehicles.

4. The dustbin is RIGHT THERE! Shame on you!

5. What is it with Indians and authority? This is not rebellion. This is self-destruction.

6. How incessant honking annoys others on the road is something that is not easy to miss. Yet, we ignore it.

7. We know that this is a painful sight, but ignoring this reality, as most of us would, will not help anyone.

8. There’s a reason why we have rules like wearing helmets.

9. This might be fun for you, but the people getting splashed with water do not enjoy it!

We can not fix anyone’s conscience, but to all these Indians who think that ignorance is bliss, we have just one thing to say, “Bhaiya! Zara #AankheinCheckKaralo .” Don’t have the time? Well, offers this amazing service of FREE Home Eye Check-up that you might want to try out!