Everyone needs to smile once in a while. It brightens up your face after all. But the days are gloomy and not everyone smiles as often as they should. Amongst us are some who smile so rarely that seeing them crack a grin is like seeing Haley’s Comet. They need to lighten up and smile more. I’m talking about people like:

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” – Phyllis Diller

1. School Principals

Why they have a perpetual frown on their face despite being surrounded by children is a true mystery…


2. Policemen

Sure, their line of work doesn’t exactly throw up opportunities to smile and laugh, but if they smile, I bet a lot of people would start approaching them for help rather than being scared of them all the time.


3. Teenagers

Yes, we know life as a teenager is tough. Too much is changing and in turmoil. But hey, if only they smiled as they tried to figure out life, things would be much easier for everyone involved!


4. Security Guards

It’s amazing how bored they look all the time! Maybe smiling a little bit more would keep them entertained.


5. Married Couples

They are not doing any favours to those of us who are already cynical about marriage!


6. Shopkeepers

Maybe if shopkeepers smiled more often at their customers, they would make more sales. A win-win for everyone!


7. Doctors

Your patients are already suffering and terrified. A warm smile might help them recover faster.


8. Old people

Life has probably left them jaded, but their wisdom should make them smile. Besides, they look a little scary like this:


9. Bosses

A boss who smiles makes being at work easier and much more fun. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the employees find themselves being more productive!


10. Ex-flames

We know you probably hated each other by the end of your relationship, but now that it’s over, please try being an adult and look past their flaws.


This World Smile Day, Britannia has made it a point to get people to smile more. And you should make it your mission to get these people to smile from ear to ear. Check out this nifty initiative from Britannia Good Day while you’re at it.

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