One of the ironies of our lives is that we never fully appreciate the things our own city has to offer. Those hailing from other places often know our cities better than we do! There’s something to be learnt here about staying curious. It’s time we started paying more attention to the place we call home. Don’t live a boring routine of sleep-commute-work-eat-sleep-repeat. Here’s how you can discover a whole new side to your city!

“It’s better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times.” – Anonymous

1. Find that perfect spot in your city to rise with the sun.

A city is different while its people are still asleep! In the silence of dawn, you will see your city in a whole new light! #RisewiththeCity, not after.


2. Skip the malls. Explore local markets instead.

Malls are found everywhere in the world. That local market you don’t appreciate enough is where you will find treases unique to your city.


3. Take public transportation as much as you can.

You know how they say that the best way you can know a city is by traveling in its buses. Okay, maybe they don’t. But unless you have experienced what it’s like to travel in the local train, you haven’t quite understood your city!#RideYourCity like it’s your first day here!


4. Take out a map of your city, close your eyes and point to a random place. Spend the day there.

From crowded streets to isolated eateries, you never know what you’ll pick!

5. Ditch your regular hangout every now and then.

Try out a new place every week. Not only will you get to explore a variety of foods, you might discover that your city is a lot more diverse than you thought! And while you’re at it, #ExploreSecretPlaces, which not too many people know exist!


6. Make sure you visit all the ‘touristy’ spots in the city.

We tend to take touristy spots in our city for granted, and brush them off as places only ‘others’ visit. In the process, we lose out on a lot that is unique to our city. Join the tourist wagon, and check them all off your list!

7. Smile at everyone, and talk to as many people as you can.

What makes a city what it is? Its people! Make sure you get to know your fellow city dwellers. Random conversations with strings can reveal a lot!

8. Don’t be afraid to carry your camera along.

Make sure you capture every wonderful thing you see in your city!

9. Go solo every once in a while.

Have dinner alone, attend a music festival all by yourself, or even watch a movie with just yourself for company. When we step out with familiar company, we neglect many things around us because we are focused on each other. When you are alone, you become that much more observant of your surroundings, even when you are in a movie theatre.


10. Spend a night at a hotel.

#StretchYourNight by striking up a conversation with other travellers, and maybe you can get a new perspective of the city you call home.

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