When I was 19, I was in college, busy painting the town red (or rather, trying to), still giddily intoxicated by the freedom of living in a different city than your parents. Evidently, Harsh Songra had other (more productive) ideas.

19-year-old Harsh Songra recently developed an app that was lauded by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg.

This is cool. I am really honoured that Sheryl Sandberg mentioned about My Child app and is supporting us. This is just…

Posted by Harsh Songra on Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Bhopal teenager created an app, called the “My Child App” under FBStart- Facebook’s new platform designed specifically to help mobile start ups in their early stages.


Harsh lived with a developmental disorder called dyspraxia until the age of 9, when he was finally diagnosed with the condition. This lack of adequate access to information motivated the teenager to create a solution to help others like him to get quicker access to the appropriate medical care.

Source: NDTV

In her Facebook post, Sheryl Sandberg went on to say,”We’re supporting developers like Harsh who have great ideas but can’t always access the resources they need. Facebook’s FBStart program helped MyChild get started by providing technical support, so that Harsh could focus on making the app even better.”

You can check out her whole post here: