Our houses are filled with memories, both sweet and well, not-so-sweet. More often than not, these memories are attached to certain objects which we come across only while cleaning or moving. That’s because time has stashed them away in a cupboard or in a dusty old trunk of ours. But wherever they maybe, one thing’s for sure that they can take us at least a decade back in an instant.

So, put on your pirate caps and start hunting for:

1. This 8-bit piece of awesomeness that meant the world to you.

Source: Tumblr

2. This gaming machine whose controllers might still have your thumbprints.

Source: Settka.ru

3. And chances are, these cartridges might too.

Source: Wikipedia

4. This Pandora’s box that ended all your friendships.

Source: Ebay

5. And so did this devious little board.

Source: Flickr

6. The family photos on which time has already applied a vintage filter.

Source: GiftsForThePresent

7. This amazing pencil box that may still have some old pencil shavings in its nooks.

Source: RulersOfEarth

8. These posters that once adorned your walls.

Source: DarkWingFan | DevinatArt

9. This pack of trump cards in which Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson still has hair.

Source: TheTeacerbration

10. This beast-of-a-phone on which you could text even without looking.

Source: LittleFun

11. This old ride on which you ruled the streets.

Source: Dealry

12. This sinister device with which you teased your dog.

Source: Dbuster

13. The drawing certificate that proves that you were once a Picasso in the making.

Source: AndrewColeOnline

14. These prized possessions of yours.

Source: StrengthVillian

15. These mind-bending race tracks on which you went all “Fast & Furious.”

Source: HotWheelsRaceTracks

16. Bundles and bundles of these photocopies that kept you awake all night!

Source: Pinterest

17. Or, the registers filled with your own notes. Of course, only if you had the habit of maintaining one.

Source: Japanator

18. And you can consider mission accomplished if you can find some of these.

Source: Dingg

19. Or, these.

Source: 90Kids

20. Or… THESE.

Source: GirlInSneakers

There are many other treasures around us. The ones that stay with us for a lifetime. A treasure these trekkers apparently found in Bavdhan, Pune. Check it out.