Right from the time when we’re little girls secretly trying their mom’s fancy heels on, we wait for the time when we can finally have a pair of our own. Hell, even scientific research proves they make women look more attractive! Most women have forged a love-hate relationship with their high heels. Here’s a bunch of things that happens when we finally put them on:

1. You get used to carrying Vaseline, Band-aids and sensible flats all the time.

2. You have your own background music. Everybody knows when you walk into a room.

3. You are always looking for an excuse to sit down. Chairs are your new best friend.

4. Blisters and sprains have become a regular part of your life.

5. You are always on the lookout for comfy heels.

6. No running, no staircases, no slippery floors – you have a long list of rules and you swear by it.

7. Anything you throw on looks good. Even your every day t-shirt and jeans

8. Your chaal goes from aam to nawabi as soon as you put your heels on.

9. You feel so much taller! You can finally stand head to head with all your guy friends

10. When you take your heels off, you have to get used to the change in height all over again. Everything feels different.

11. Everyone notices your transformation. It’s a nice break from your girl next door look.

“Aaj kuch special hai kya?” “Tu ladki banke kyun aayi hai?”

12. You get used to taking each and every step with care and still make it look easy.

13. You have at least one friend who has to fetch you things because you can’t walk too much with heels on.

“Please mujhe ek Coke la de? Please?”

14. You have perfected the heels-in-your-hand dance move, because it’s impossible to dance with your heels on

15. The first twenty minutes you feel absolutely great…

16. … but for the rest of the night, you know you have to live through absolute agony!

Shooting. Stabs. Of pain.

17. You feel confident. “If I can handle these heels, I can do anything!”

18. They’re your number one accessory when you’re in a naughty mood

19. When most people don’t know such a thing exists, you find yourself saving up for an expensive Foot Spa.


20.Walking in those heels makes you feel like a glamorous superstar

21. But once in a while, your worst nightmare comes true.