Successful celebrities have more money than they know what to do with, and they usually make that money through everything except their jobs. Whether it’s Justin Bieber as the face of a nail polish or Akshay Kumar promoting the kinda gross Rasna juice mix, the money they get for these appearances will make your head spin and your wallet groan.

Here are some of the most expensive celebrity endorsements!

1. David Beckham: $150 Million

Apart from endorsements by Armani and Breitling, the footie master also signed a lifetime deal with Adidas for a massive $150 million. Kaching kaching!

Source – wvhooligan

2. Justin Bieber: $12 Million

At the insanely young age of 16, the Biebs was paid $16 million to be the face of the One Less Lonely Girl line of nail polish. I know that sounds ridiculous but money is money, and that’s a shitload of it!

Source – stash

3. Beyonce: $50 Million

Beyonce gave Pepsi a pretty big push in it’s war against Coca Cola by agreeing to a $50 million deal with them. She could be seen in limited edition cans and other Pepsi merchandise. Now whether she and Jay Z ever even drink the soda is a whole different question.

Source – edgecast

4. Michael Jordan: $60 Million Per Year

The basketball legend signed the most lucrative business deal in history with Nike. They shoes, that have achieved cult status by now, were part of a yearly deal including royalties. They’re so popular they make him around $60 million every freaking year!

Source – awesomeish

5. 50 Cent: $100 Million

The Candy Shop singer and all around badass negotiated a deal with Glaceau to create and be the face of a kind of Vitamin Water called Formula 50. Coca Cola proceeded to buy Vitamin Water for a few BILLION DOLLARS, and 50 Cent received a nice little paycheck amounting to $100 million. For water!

Source – ulximg

6. Lebron James: $90 Million

The mad talented basketball player signed a contract with Nike while he was still in High School! The seven year deal made him the face of certain offshoots of Nike and he received a $90 million payoff.

Source – talentbuyer

7. Charlize Theron: $55 Million

She has been the face of J’adore, the luxury perfume by Dior for quite a few years now. Counting her yearly earnings through this deal alone, she seems to have amassed around $55 million. So she probably smells as good as she looks!

Source – popbee

8. Brad Pitt: $6.7 Million For A Single Ad

The suave heartthrob became the male face of Chanel’s fragrance and made almost $7 million from an ad alone. Compound that with what he probably makes from the deal every year and it’ll make your head spin.

Source – hiyaad

9. Tiger Woods: $100 million

Over a 5 year period, Nike paid the golf sensation a $100 million to be the face of different products they sell. Most of these guys seem to make more money through these deals than through their actual jobs!

Source – ballerstatus

10. Jay Z: $20 Million

Beyonce’s husband and rap celebrity Jay Z has sharp business acumen, getting a cool $20 million from Samsung to promote their products. Samsung even agreed to promote his album. Good deals galore!

Source – sfexaminer

11. Usain Bolt: $8.6 Million A Year

The fastest man on Earth is minting money every second. Puma pays him a whopping $8.6 million to promote their products. It’s working though, because their products fly off the shelves as fast as he does.

Source – emol

12. Akshay Kumar: Rs 18 Crore

Rasna, that old juice mix brand, got Akshay to be their face for 3 years. They’re paying him Rs. 18 crore, which might explain the constant grin on his face.

Source – news24

13. Ranbir Kapoor: Rs 25 Crore

A certain chips brand is reported to have paid Ranbir Rs 25 crore to promote their products and be the face of their fried potato goodness.

Source – indiatimes

14. Aamir Khan: Rs 30 Crore

The perfectionist actor with the constant squint reportedly got a massive Rs 30 crore for his deal with online sellers Snapdeal. Smart guy.

Source – tellychakkar

15. Shahrukh Khan: Rs 4 Crore Per Day

The king usually has a fixed rate of about Rs. 3.5 to 4 crore for most endorsements, regardless of whether it’s a TV or a perfume or whatever it is these rich folks do.

Source – filmibeat

16. Ranveer Singh: Rs 1-1.5 Crore Per Day

Ranveer Singh, the atypical alpha, puts his face on products he believes in, but only if they’re willing to shell out around Rs 1 crore everyday.

Source – fillum

17. Salman Khan: Rs 3-5 Crore Per Day

This guy is an entity in himself. The fact that he’s worshipped like a god by millions of plebs means he can charge around Rs 3-5 crore per day.

Source – bollywoodlife

18. Hrithik Roshan: Rs 3 Crore Per Day

Hrithik’s seen on a whole host of different products, with Myntra being one of the most famous companies. He charges Rs 3 crore a day.

Source – aapkisaheli

19. Ajay Devgn: Rs 2.5 Crore Per Day

The actor only puts his face on a select few brands and charges around Rs 2.5 crore a day.

Source – fashioncentral

20. Shahid Kapoor: Rs 2 Crore Per Day

The boyish actor is a dependable figure, which is why companies are willing to pay him more than Rs 2 crore for a day.

Source – deccanabroad

21. Amitabh Bachchan: Rs 10 Crore

Big B signed a deal with ICICI Bank and sorted himself out with a massive Rs 10 crore payoff.

Source – gg2