Everybody pees. And when we pee, we don’t apply any rocket science to it. I mean, we just pee. Is there supposed to be a method to it? I don’t think so. It’s such a natural process, you don’t give a second thought while doing it.

But, there are some people out there, who after some serious research (sarcasm alert) have come to the conclusion that a ‘Hindu way’ of urinating is the best way!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sanatan Sanstha.

The Goan

Based in Goa, this organisation has posted an article on its website in which it claims, that a ‘French scientist’ (name not disclosed… why aren’t we surprised?) has come to the conclusion that the ‘Hindu way’ of squatting while urinating, is the best.

According to the write-up, one should also maintain perfect silence while urinating or defecating since it ‘ keeps the protective sheath around the physical body active for a longer period.’

Now I’m not contesting the fact that the Hindu… errr the Indian way is definitely one of the healthier ways of peeing or shitting, but then there are many other awesome ways of getting rid of body wastes. For example:


Gettin’ what I’m sayin’? Also, they emphasize a lot on the importance of washing yourself up after the business is done because ‘ toilet papers aren’t sattvik .’

Wonder what made them say that?

By Wizus

The article ends with the line:

‘T omorrow, when the white-skin people start urinating by squatting, we will follow suit and call it progress !’

The English people should totally take this piece of advice. I’m pretty sure that sitting on the European toilets isn’t helping. Squat it out guys.


East or West, squatting is the best!