If there’s one thing every single relationship has in common, it’s the fights. Whether you like it or not, there are going to be arguments in a relationship. Mostly, we’d all like to avoid them as far as possible. Sometimes though, they can be rather fun! Here’s why most of us really enjoy the tiny little squabbles we have for no real reason at all:

1. For the sake of a light-hearted banter

2. To get some heavy duty pampering

3. Because sometimes we realize that ignoring an issue just doesn’t work

4. And sometimes, the only way to talk about something is by being emotional about it

5. Because the roothna-manana sequences in Bollywood look too darn cute to not try out IRL

6. It feels nice to have someone to throw tantrums on, and not be judged

7. Plus, he/she looks downright adorable with that exasperated expression on his/her face

8. It’s nice to get a little extra attention once in a while

9. If you live together, tiny little things can add up to be really, really annoying

10. There are days, you feel blue for no specific reason and you know the only one you can take it out on is the one who understands you