There are movies that are fun to watch and forget, and then there are movies that stick with you for the rest of your lives. Whether it’s because the movie itself was stellar or because you were just forced to watch it so often, there’s some scenes in movies that have become part of popular culture. They inspire a cult following, and are pretty much what most office water-cooler conversations are about.

Here are some of the most iconic scenes from Hollywood movies (Spoilers ahead)!

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1. Spiderman: Mary Jane kisses upside down Spiderman

Apparently it was really uncomfortable for the both of them, but it made for a nice angle!

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2. Titanic: Jack drowns for Rose

And people hate Rose for the next decade.

Source – nydailynews

3. Pulp Fiction: Uma Thurman overdoses

She snorted what she thought was cocaine. It clearly wasn’t.

Source – eonline

4. The Godfather: Don Corleone’s dialogue

“I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

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5. Psycho: Stabbing scene

Cue scary string section music.

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6. Forrest Gump: Forrest starts running

And he goes on and on and on…

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7. Star Wars: Darth Vader tells Luke who his father is

“No!!! That’s not possible!!”

Source – youtube

8. Fight Club: Dictating the rules

We just broke the first rule.

Source – rollingstone

9. The Matrix: Neo stops the bullets

And Agent Smith realises he’s got to up his game by like a million.

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10. The Usual Suspects: Kevin Spacey reveals true identity

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, in case you haven’t seen it. So go watch it right now!

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11. The Lion King: Rafiki holds up little Simba

And Simba’s thinking, “why is a monkey holding me up?”

Source – lionking

12. American History X: Edward Norton smashes man’s head on curb

This scene was just plain nasty, especially with that sickening crunch noise at the end. Damn you neo Nazis.

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13. Into The Wild: Chris find the bus

And goes on to scream his lungs out in joy, little knowing what fate has in store for him.

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14. Trainspotting: Ewan jumps into dirty toilet

To find the drugs he just pooped out. But it turns into a strangely psychedelic journey, at least until he comes back out.

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15. King Kong: Kong swats planes off the top of the building

Source – popcornhorror

16. The Big Lebowski: Rug scene

“That rug really tied the room together.”

Source – circlecinema

17. The Dark Knight: Joker sticks his head out the window

He REALLY seems to enjoy that breeze. Cute.

Source – girlcomic

18. Se7en: What’s in the box ?

Fun fact – The producers were originally going to replace the head with a hand in the box, but Brad Pitt said he wouldn’t act in the film if they did that, as it would dilute the effect.

Source – cinemablend

19. The Shawshank Redemption: Escape scene

Source – bitcast

20. Back To The Future: Marty plays Johnny B Goode

Marty Mcfly is just plain cool, meeting Chuck Berry before his time and what not.

Source – schneeblog

21. A Clockwork Orange: Alex controls the droogs

This movie makes a lot of stomachs churn, but come on, if you can’t handle this then you’re not ready for life.

Source – fanpop

22. Rocky: Training scene

This scene is what every gym boy watches after hitting the secret stash of chocolate in their cupboards.

Source – eonline

23. Gladiator: Russell confronts the crowd

Source – hitwallpaper

24. Almost Famous: Listening to The Who for the first time

This scene really brought out the initial feeling most of us get on listening to The Who, in the most intense and beautiful way possible.

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25. Inception: Building dreams

Christopher Nolan uses some of signature imagery, making the world look like a putty in his hands.

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26. Terminator 2: Arnie bids goodbye

It’s so eerily similar to the new thumbs up feature on Facebook chat. They predicted the future!

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27. Braveheart: The freedom speech

Get inspired.

Source – extrasireland

28. Mission Impossible: Hanging from the ceiling by a rope

It gave suspense a new meaning.

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