Nothing beats ghar ka khaana . It’s as simple as that. These days, there are restaurants that dish out every single cuisine at affordable prices but they don’t stand a chance in front of maa ke haath ka khaana . Your mother has magic in her hands and only she can cook those dishes to perfection, every single time. The best part is that you make some of the most special memories and bonds over ghar ka khaana .

Listed below are 10 reasons why ghar ka khaana is the best:

1. Ghar ka khaana has the magic of your mother’s hands

2. It always tastes better because it is customized to suit your palate

3. It comes free of cost

4. Homemade food is always fresh and prepared mostly with organic stuff

5. You spend more time with your family while having ghar ka khaana

6. Unlike outside food, ghar ka khaana tastes different every time you have it

7. Your mother keeps experimenting to come up with something epic

8. She changes the menu according to your mood

9. Ghar ka khaana helps improve your mood on bad days

10. And if you stay away from home, you know what ghar ka khaana means to you – NOSTALGIA

The best food you can ever eat is served at home. Nothing can beat that magic!