As kids, all we want is to grow up, move out and live on our own. But when we do end up moving out, we start missing everything. From the toys that are now shoved under our cupboards to the clothes that are packed away in boxes to the memories which are still trapped in our hometowns, we just want it all back.

No matter how independent we are, nothing can beat the feeling we have when we go back home. Here are 10 things that we miss about home when we move out:

1. Ghar ka khaana

The smell, the taste, the love that goes in to making it – ghar ka khaana might just be the best thing to happened to anyone.

2. Mumma’s wake-up call(s)

What seemed annoying back then is what we miss the most now. It’s true that you can sleep for hours without anyone disturbing you but you suddenly start missing mom’s voice and the constant wake up calls.


3. Pocket money from dad

You just had to ask for it once and papa would shell out a few bucks and suddenly you’d feel empowered.


4. Free everything

Luxury was at your feet. You had a maid at your disposal and just had to call out for anything.


5. Your ride

Before we sweated it out in the locals and autos, we had our own ride all to ourselves and felt like Ninjas zooming through city roads.


6. Your big, fat family

Not only do you miss your mom and dad, you suddenly have a soft corner for the annoying cousins and relatives as well.


7. Your little kingdom – your bed

The feeling of coming back home to your very own room and bed just cannot be replicated, can it?


8. Childhood friends

They are the ones who know you inside out, the ones who forgive you even if you don’t call them often, and the ones who know all your embarrassing childhood secrets. Your childhood friends still have a special place in your heart.


9. Your favourite hangout spots

Going to fancy restaurants is fine, but where our heart really aches to be are those roadside places in our city with our friends and family.


10. And most of all, you miss the pampering

Being independent is liberating, but deep down, we are all little kids. A little pampering from our family could us smile even on a bad day.


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