It is true what they say, “you need a thousand lies to cover up one lie” and sometimes it really is not worth it. In certain situations, telling a small white lie doesn’t seem like a big deal but in the long run, it brings nothing but hurt.

So here are 10 life situations when honesty is the best policy.

1) When you are breaking up with someone

It might seem harmless to tell the other person that you are breaking up for family reasons but the person deserves to know the truth. So be bold enough to tell the real reason behind the breakup.

2) When you are taking leave from office

You wouldn’t want to run into your boss in the mall or have your boss seeing your partying pictures on Facebook when you have taken a “sick day”.

3) When your credit card bill comes too high

Hiding the bill may seem like the perfect plan but its better to come clean and tell the truth. At least this way, there is a chance you might get some help paying it off.

4) Discussing financial issues

Why talk about money you don’t have? Or why make excuses to miss that big fancy dinner with your friends? Just tell them the truth and you will be surprised how understanding they can be.


5) When you are in trouble with the authorities

Whether it is a debate on jumping a red light or something to do with a greater crisis; always tell the authorities the truth. Lies will only get you into more trouble.

6) When a pet dies

Parents tend to tell their kids that their beloved pet has been sent to the “farm house”. We really need to stop doing this. Death is a very normal occurrence in our world, the sooner kids learn to deal with it, the stronger they will be.

7) When you are getting late

Why tell anyone “I will be there in five minutes” when in actuality you will take an hour? Have some pity on the other person’s phone bill and tell them you will be late so that they don’t have to keep calling you up after every five minutes.

8) Owning up to something that you have done.

Especially if it has gotten someone else into trouble. The right thing is to own up to your mistake and not let anyone else suffer.

9) When someone asks you out and you are not interested

It is better to tell them that you are not interested rather than dangling them till eternity. It might hurt them in the beginning but they will thank you for your honesty.

10) When you are going out for a weekend trip with your friends

For safety reasons, its better to tell the truth than to lie about this. You would need your parents if in case you get into trouble, so always tell them where exactly you are going.

To get a little more courage to follow the last point, check out this video by Kinley.

Always remember, honesty is the best policy.