We have been told since we were kids to be honest, it was one of the first lessons any parent taught their kids. We however did lie sometimes, for that extra piece of cake because we were hungry or for the bad mark in Math because we didn’t want to be grounded.

When in desperate situations, honesty doesn’t always strike out as many people’s best trait. But those who can stick to their morals even in the most adverse of situations are the kind worth respecting. No we don’t disrespect you for lying about that extra piece of cake you’re burning now, but we do respect this old man for returning a lump sum of money he found on the streets. Logical Indian brought this story forward, and it deserves to be told.

An old man has been rewarded with Rs. 7000, a kurta and a dhoti for returning Rs. 90,000 he found on the streets.


A resident of Isanagar, Durgesh, withdrew Rs. 90,000 from the bank and put it in his car’s trunk. The money however fell due to sudden bumps, thanks to the perfectly constructed roads of India.

The old man stumbled across the money and his very first instinct was to return the money to the police, unlike many with his financial position. Captain Arvind Sen therefore decided to reward the man for his honesty. Respect.