Hostel life was a lot of fun. And maybe some heartbreak too. But while we were escaping the warden’s hawk-like eyes and helping each other out, we probably never realised just how much we learnt about life.

There would be days when you wonder “When will I ever get out of this hell!” and other days when you can’t believe how lucky you have been.

You’re probably back home now, working or applying for higher studies or maybe even getting married. But there are those moments when you catch yourself thinking, “Damn. Didn’t we do that in the hostel?”

And why is that? Only because you know you’ve learnt a lot, and that you’ll always remember your hostel life.

Here’s our little thank you to the good old life.

1. Jo mera hai wo tera hai.

You share everything. From ties on placement day to appliances to sometimes even beds.

2. Bhai, khaana hona chahiye bas.

It’s the end of the month and you have enough money to buy bird food. Not a problem! Your hostel canteen made sure that you can even eat sawdust.

3. Water problem? No problem!

Facing water problems during summers? Eh, you just need two mugs to bathe anyway.

4. You can sleep anywhere, anytime.

“Do I have 10 minutes before we leave? Yes?” *snooze*

5. You don’t need Yoga for concentration.

The say a thousand drums couldn’t shake Rama’s concentration. There was no Metallica in Ramayana.

6. Degree kuch bhi ho , you can become a journalist.

Your networking skills/gossip skills don’t stop at ” Bittu ka beta IIT mein ghus gaya “. You know what Bittu’s beta’s best-friend’s dad’s cousin’s behnoi is doing this summer.

7. When in doubt, jugaad!

You’ve made Maggi on an iron. You can do ANYTHING.

8. You can organise your life, like a boss.

Protecting all your stuff, even pens and razors with your life has taught you how to keep things well and proper.

9. You have A-grade medical skills without a degree.

You’ve probably had to save a life or two because there was no medical facility in a good 5 mile radius. Oh and then there have been those medical emergencies you couldn’t let anyone know about. *cough*

10. You are comfortable with the word ‘sex’.

Well, you probably know all about sex. But there’s something about your neighbour getting it on very loudly with his girlfriend who’s visiting, that gives you a whole new perspective on things.

11. You have your own brand of self-defence.

Now you probably didn’t have the time or money to go to a gym and beef up. But when there’s an emergency, you know how to survive.

12. You understand your parents’ needs better.

Here’s a life skill you never thought you’d gain by living away from them. You’ve learnt how to take care of them by staying up all night and feeding soup to your sick roommate.

13. You know how to say yes to new experiences.

You’ve tried everything by now. And will continue to do so. Because what’s life without some risks?

14. But you also know how to say no, when required.

The thing about hostels is that people don’t always value your space. There have been times when you have had to ask people to stop taking your stuff, or sleeping in your bed.

15. You have learnt to speak at least one new language.

Chances are that you were living in some part of the country where you did not know how to even ask for water…to begin with. Not only did you learn from the locality but you probably picked up words from other languages that your peers spoke as well.

16. Now you know that long distance relationships aren’t always doomed.

Who says long-distance relationships never work? You maintained one with your family, didn’t you?

17. You know how to get more for less.

“Uncle ek aur anda de no na please” becomes ” yaar cash on delivery pe bhi 15% off de do ” in no time. And it works.

18. You now understand the true power of solidarity.

You hate their guts. But when something catastrophic happens, you come together, fight it out, and then go back to happily hating each other.

A lot like Tom and Jerry.

Missing your hostel friends? Time for a reunion!