‘Sex, drugs and alcohol’ is a term for a reason. People love to mix them all up in fiery balls of hedonistic pleasure, and that’s something that’s not going to change. Gauging the prevalence of how much people like their sex and their substances recently was Vice , who just put out some extremely comprehensive and pretty informative data about how different drugs affect sex in humans. The basic thing to understand is – everything in moderation, or else you become another Lamar Odom and end up overdosing in a brothel and married to a Kardashian.

Here’s how different drugs affect sex!

Note: This article is not encouraging drug use in any way whatsoever.

1. Alcohol

According to certain studies, casual drinkers experience higher sexual interest and arousal, thanks to a lot of their inhibitions falling away. It’s not just easier to broach the topic of sex, but also to indulge in the act itself. In fact, it can even make sex last longer. However, drinking like a viking and getting blitzed is definitely not advised, as it can lead to dulled sensations, increased chances of having unprotected sex and even erectile dysfunction.

2. Cocaine

According to some experience profiles, sex on cocaine can be fierce, animalistic and almost surreal. That’s thanks to the dopamine it helps flood your brain with, which increases pleasure and energy. However, dangerous side effects such as increased heart rate as well as a nasty comedown play just as big a role when combining the 2. Oh, and it also makes it very hard to get an erection in certain cases.

3. Crystal Meth

Crystal meth and other amphetamines are uppers that can make you feel like zingers, increasing energy, focus and most importantly – sexual stamina. People have reported going on sex marathons that can last for up to 8 hours, as many users find it very pleasurable but impossible to orgasm. Out of the innumerable downsides to doing meth however, in the case of sex, it can prevent you from ever enjoying sober sex again, as it really takes a toll on your pleasure receptors.

4. Marijuana

Weed seems to have extremely different effects on different people, with some claiming it really gets them in the mood for some lovin, while others they say barely think about sex stoned, and mostly just wanna play video games. Physically however, most people have reported that their orgasms were greatly enhanced and they were also very attentive to their partners’ needs during their red-eyed debauchery. The main problems with stoned sex seems to be the anxiety and lack of comfort.

5. MDMA/ Ecstasy

MDMA is also known as ‘the love drug’, and doing it results in feelings of intense euphoria and emotional closeness with almost everyone around you. You’ll often see people on it hugging and being generally very sensual, but paradoxically, it actually reduces the desire for straight up sex. According to some studies, people who reported having sex on MDMA were usually consuming impure batches of the stuff.

6. DMT and Ketamine

DMT is one of the most intense psychedelic drugs out there, and the effects are so strong that sex would probably be the farthest thing from your mind while you were on it. Ketamine is also highly unpredictable and affects the deep brain, meaning you might have a good time or you might have a bad time, but you’ll almost never have a sexy time.

7. LSD

Acid hits a huge range of receptors in our brain, which means it affects almost everyone differently. It can cause some people to feel intensely close and sexual, while it can draw away from sexual thoughts completely for others. The sex itself can be extraordinary and passionate, but it can also be slightly uncertain and confusing. Oh, and it should really be with a person you’re comfortable with.

8. Poppers

Poppers is just another term for alkyl nitrites, a chemical sold in little vials that you inhale for a very short but extremely strong head rush combined with greatly increased sexual arousal. Basically, it can really turn you on, and it also relaxes you sphincter muscles, which has made it very popular with people indulging in anal intercourse. People describe having sex on it as extremely intense and sexual, but it can cause heart and blood pressure problems as well.

9. Heroin and other opiates

Downers generally have an extremely negative effect on your sex drive , reducing your libido and making any thought of sexual activity pretty hard to stomach. Heroin, opium and the like tend to put you in a bit of a stupor, which means even if you really wanted to have sex a while ago, you’ll probably just fall asleep while unbuttoning your shirt. This, and the fact that heroin and the like are massively addictive and can destroy you physically are the reasons people tend to not use them as sex drugs.