You come back home tired, have dinner and before you realise, it’s already 11 pm. Exhausted, you wonder about the long day tomorrow and think that you had better catch some sleep. This, of course, is before you switch your laptop on.

“Just 15 minutes of browsing, and then I’ll go off to sleep,” you think to yourself. Minutes become hours and browsing becomes ‘just 1 more episode’ when you realise that it’s 2am!

Ugh. Feeling drained out, you try to put yourself to sleep, but you are cranky the next day. And the next, and the story continues…

The feeling of getting up fresh in the morning is so alien to you.


So how many hours should you really be sleeping to feel fresh and happy the next day?

A study conducted by Jawbone, a US-based consumer technology and wearable products company, on its consumers found that the right amount of sleep to wake up happier is between 8 and 9.5 hours at night.

While it may be silly to assume that the sleep required is same for everyone, as quality and quantity can differ for people, these are the ideal sleeping hours based on the experiment.

The study also says that when you get an extra hour of sleep, you tend to wake up 5% happier. However, if the extra sleep goes up to 2 hours, the mood remains the same. The effects of sleep deprivation are even more drastic. People are twice as unhappy when they’ve lost 2 hours of sleep than they are happier gaining 2 hours of sleep, Jawbone said.

Looks like it is time to switch off the lights, folks!