Rules are meant to be broken. That’s what your motto may be. But it’s best to stick to the book when you are in a new country. When travelling somewhere new, it helps to be aware about their local customs and rules to avoid offending people and the law. Just like India is not very tolerant of public display of affection, there are other countries which have similar prohibitions.

These pictures will explain you how to behave when in different countries.

1. Croatia

People in Croatia have their own set of laws. While you are in Croatia, make sure you do not give Chrysanthemums while meeting someone because those flowers are only used at funerals or for gravestones. Giving people flowers with an even number of stems brings is also a no-no. You may be mistaken for a Serbian Nationalist if you raise your thumb, middle finger and index finger together.

2. Chile

Chileans do not tolerate snobbish behavior. Don’t be arrogant or complain about anything when in Chile. Yellow roses, which are usually associated with friendship brings in bad-luck to the people of Chile.

3. Singapore

Singapore is very strict when it comes to obeying laws. Here, not flushing a public toilet or chewing or spitting gum can land you in a jail. So beware!

4. France

People in France take pride in their language and do not think that they need to know English. When in France, try to make small conversations in their language because many may not understand English.

5. Japan

Japanese are one of the most polite people you will ever meet. If you are not comfortable with greeting with a bow, you may just shake hands with them and it is perfectly normal. However, if invited in a Japanese household, make sure you do not enter with shoes on or socks with holes.

6. Mexico

People in Mexico notice tourists. Extravagant clothes, jewelry or even shorts for that matter, are a give-away that you are a tourist. Mexicans are also very informal and may greet you with your first name. It is in their culture so don’t take offence.

7. New Zealand

Do not wrap gifts with red paper. It is considered to be unlucky. New Zealand traffic customs are very different from the usual. Here, honking makes people panic om roads.

8. Norway

People in Norway might change at public places like beaches or fjord. Don’t stare or be surprised while they do so. Rules and regulations are strict in Norway so you might want to skip breaking them.

9. Russia

It is not in Russia’s culture to smile or greet strangers. You might shock people if you do so. Also make sure you gift odd number of flowers to someone as even number of flowers are only for the deceased.

10. Turkey

Turkey is one of the places where people are more on the conservative side. Public display of affection and revealing clothes should be skipped here.

11. United Kingdom

It is extremely rude to cut in a queue in UK. It is also not customary to tip waiters or taxi-drivers. One thing people should know is people who live here might complain about the place but they hate when tourists do that.

12. Ireland

People of Ireland hate when someone else tries to imitate their accent. Nobody can do the Irish accent better than themselves so you should avoid it. It is also prohibited to smoke in any enclosed public space so before lighting up that cigarette, make sure it’s allowed.

13. Germany

It is obvious that one should not do anything that makes them look like a Hitler supporter in Germany. You will land in legal trouble even if you make a ‘not so serious’ attempt at it. People in Germany are very punctual so always be on time.

14. Kenya

People in Kenya take their religious beliefs very seriously, which is why you should not question them. They also don’t give or receive gifts with the left hand because it is considered to be unlucky.

15. Canada

It is hard to understand what will offend people in Canada because of its multiculturalism. However, you must always note the number of a taxi before boarding it. Also, getting drunk at public places is not such a good idea in Canada.

16. China

If you visit someone in China and eat everything on your plate, it gives an impression that the host did not provide you with enough food. Similarly, opening a gift infront of the presenter will make you look desperate in China, so avoid it.

17. Spain

They say the best way to explore Spain is to not plan everything. When in Spain, avoid using eating directly with hands because it puts the locals off. Wearing shorts is also a give-away that you are a tourist and you should skip it.

Happy travelling!