Ah! the overwhelming feeling of coolness that sweeps you over when you bite into the juicy, grainy, pink flesh of a watermelon. Don’t we just love watermelons? The perfect way to spend summers is to eat watermelons while sitting under a tree. However, summers are over, and so are the watermelons. But don’t you worry! Here’s how you can make a watermelon cake, just as enticing as the fruit!

Yolanda Gampp, carves a beautiful watermelon cake, and she is amazing at it! So good that I might even consider ditching the real fruit (I know, right?).

She does use a trick or two to get it right, for example she makes Walter- the watermelon, model against his wish. Now what kind of a person does that? Well, the results were pretty good, so I wouldn’t complain.

Watch the video here and you’ll become a watermelon cake convert, forever:

Source: How To Cake It

Spot on, girl!