Just when we thought we were finally doing better in our fight against objectifying women, we woke up to see this in the newspaper:

Source : Hindustan Times

The lead story on Hindustan Times HT City edition reads, ” Naya Maal award goes to.”

What’s even more disturbing is that DU students are fighting to win this supposed title in the HT City-Fever 104 FM Campus Ka Mahayudh event. The event has other prestigious awards that students are vying to win.

Like this one :

Source : Farhan Shaikh

What are we teaching our students here, HT? That it is okay to call women maal and patola on a national publication?

At a time when we are striving to spread awareness against objectifying women, these shameful headlines and this derogatory contest just takes the movement a step back.

Update : After the headline started trending, HT issued a general apology on Twitter:

…and apologised again after reading this article:

But is an apology enough?