Somehow, at every stage of growth, a mother becomes one’s best friend. But throughout this maturity process, we tend to lean on our mom’s shoulders so much that we sometimes don’t adequately acknowledge the colossal role that a father plays in one’s life.Dads are awesome! A Father-Son or Daughter relationship is an extremely special one, because every child aspires to be like his/her father someday. Dads are known to exemplify their silent composure along with a tremendous ability to showcase courage, at every given moment. Indeed, a Father is after all the head of the family, because he takes on the responsibility to hold the family together to ensure lasting happiness.On this Father’s Day, we track down some memorable quotes that will make you want to run to your dad and give him a nice big hug.

If you’ve ever wanted to tell your dad how much you love him, now is the time. Trust me, one hug will make all the difference.

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