We were just derping around on the internet when we got to know about this news that was just too good to be true. Now come on, how often do you get to hear about larger than life ladoos , do you? Until, it’s that time of the year when colourful pandals are adorning the streets and the sugary smell of modaks is in the air (especially, if you stay in Mumbai).

We were still contemplating about the story, till some jaw-dropping photos and stats officially blew our mind.

The gigantic thing weighed a whopping 8.5 tons! That’s 6-freaking-tons more than the weight of an average hatchback car.

Kudos to the photographer who was able to capture its enormity!

It stood tall at a crazy 6 feet! Which is like 5 inches more than the height of an average Indian man.

The diameter was an insane 12 feet!

For some perspective, here’s a picture of Big Foot 5, the world’s biggest pickup truck, whose tyres have a diameter of a modest 10 feet.

About 2000 kgs of ghee, 4250 kgs of sugar, 4000 kgs of besan and 35 kgs of cardamom was used in its preparation. PHEW!

Two certified halwais worked rigorously for 7 days just to prepare the mix.

Which was later crafted into this freaking-huge-mouth-watering sweet by 35 cooks and 7 supervisors.

That’s not all, it took a whole of 2 days only for packaging and transportation! I’m sure after the job the guys would have been like…

As a person who just loves ladoos , all I can say is…

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