Every day, we open the newspapers and lash out about the injustices and the treachery present in the world. There’s death, calamities and general despair about the human race. But in the midst of all that, if we just take a moment to look around, we find people, moments and situations which will totally change your perspective from a cynical non- believer to someone with hope and prospect. This list may just help you find that hidden optimism.

1. The people of Pune unite to rescue 2 students trapped under a bus.

2. A rescued lioness hugs her savior, bridging the gap between man and wild.

3. A terminally ill child lives his dream of being a police officer.

4. A traffic constable helps a disabled man climb to the top of Egmore Bridge in Chennai.

5. This picture, proving that anyone can be a rockstar.

6. This Afghani offering tea to a soldier and displaying a new level of compassion.

7. A man saves a bunch of puppies from a flood as the worried parents watch on. Heart= warmed.

8. The pope blesses the severely disfigured Mr. Riva and offers him hope and kindness.

9. Mads Gilbert helps the wounded children of Palestine, risking his own life and the wrath of Israel.

10. These kids using natural genius to rescue this canine from a ravine.

11. The good samaritans of Mumbai help out elderly during Mumbai floods of 2005.

12. This Guy.

13. This man giving his shoes to homeless girl in Rio De Janeiro.

14. The peaceful fall of the Berlin Wall.

15. This sign at an awesome Subway restaurant.

16. These Norwegians rescuing a hapless sheep from the ocean.

So don’t despair, hope is probably just around the corner!This article was inspired by a post on Quora .