We spend our entire life trying to earn a comfortable living for ourselves and our families. But living in a world where inflation is the name of the game can be tough. More so, when you are underpaid. If you find yourself struggling to make both ends meet, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Here are 23 struggles anybody who thinks he/she is underpaid can relate to:

1. The first of every month is the most important day for you.

You may forget birthdays and anniversaries but salary day? NEVER!

2. And if your salary doesn’t get credited on the 1st…

3. But the excitement soon fades away as the bills start pouring in.

Electricity, water, groceries, recharges, bills… The list is endless.

4. Most of your salary goes on rent.

5. And the maid takes away whatever little is left.

6. If you own a car, petrol is your life’s biggest problem.

You pray every day that your car doesn’t break down.

7. “You have no balance in your account,” is the sentence you dread the most.

8. God forbid, if someone asks you how much you earn…

9. You eagerly wait for SALE season.

Because you can never afford the big brands otherwise.

10. You always look for happy hours wherever you go.

11. There are many things you plan to do/buy but postpone it until you earn more.

That trip has been on the back burner for so long now.

12. Sometimes, you do something spontaneous and regret it until your next salary arrives…

13. You owe people money all the time.

You might keep paying them back but you end up having to borrow again.

14. You dread your friends’ birthdays.

Not that they don’t make you happy, but it means your bank balance will drop further.

15. You think twice before taking an auto or a cab.

You go back and forth several times on whether you should spend so much on travelling.

16. You understand what DTC buses are.

17. Street food is your favourite type of cuisine.

18. Watching movies in a theatre becomes a treat – especially in metro cities.

500 bucks for a movie? No thanks, I’ll download it!

19. You have to keep hush hush about your birthday because you can’t afford a fancy party.

20. You skip as many functions as possible.

Who has money for all the gifts and outfits?

21. Weekend getaways are a distant dream.

Tickets, accommodation, food… No thanks, I’ll stay in bed this weekend.

22. The month is not even half way through and this is how you look…

23. And let’s not even get to how you manage the last week of the month…

Struggling to live within your salary might be tough but it prepares you for life ahead. And once you start earning more, you will have learnt to handle your money better.