It would be an understatement to call today’s lifestyle a hectic, fast-paced one. Rarely will you find someone whose life isn’t dominated by meetings, presentations and late nights at work. But that’s not really the way to live is it? The only reason you work so hard is to enjoy it all the more. And nothing says joy like a good old vacation! If you haven’t taken one in a while then it’s time! Here are 10 signs which show that it’s high time you took a vacation.

1. You spend all your time checking out photos of your friends on vacation and writing comments like “Wish I was there 🙁 ”

2. Traffic jams have become such a part of your life that you don’t even feel any emotions anymore when you’re caught in one!

3. When you go to sleep you have nightmares of your alarm clock coming to life and chasing you around your house!

4. Every week you download stunning HD quality wallpapers of picturesque holiday spots and stare at them for hours at a stretch!


5. Your passport has a huge spider family living in it complete with multi-dimensional cobwebs!

6. Most of your selfies are either in your office or in the restroom! While the rest of your friends are selfie-ing from all over the globe!

7. Your vacation bag is still lying in that dusty corner of your house where you left it ages ago!

8. You buy your souvenirs “online” although you know that doesn’t really count! You really can’t remember the last time you brought home souvenirs from a vacation!

9. The most FB check-ins you have is for your office or your clients’ offices and not some lovely island or a beautiful beach resort!

10. You exhaust hours checking ticket rates to various parts of India and the world but haven’t yet managed to press that “proceed” button.

So, don’t wait anymore, as soon as you’re done reading this post, shake yourself awake, call up your friends, pick a place, get your tickets and just go!