With two published and widely acclaimed graphic novels in her kitty, writer-painter Amruta Patil and her work is an inspiration to all aspiring storytellers. The sheer poetry she creates through her dreamy illustrations and fluid narrative is absolutely genius!

Her work revolves around the experiences of the urban Indian woman in a patriarchal society, highlighting some of the issues that women in urban spaces are faced with.

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‘Kari’, Amruta Patil’s debut novel revolves around the life of a 20 something lesbian woman in ‘smog city’ Bombay, and in ‘Adi Parva’ she narrates the Mahabharata from the perspective of some of its strongest female characters.

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Patil’s blog titled ‘Umbilical’ features some of her brilliant artwork depicting imagery which resonates with a feminist outcry. Here’s looking at her series titled ‘The peculiar homelessness of India’s Odd Daughters’.

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Her empowering pieces have also been featured in the likes of Time Out Mumbai, depicting ‘a woman’s guide to surviving the city’.

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You can check out more of her inspiring artwork here: amrutapatil.blogspot.in