Chutzpah noun khoot-spuh: extreme self-confidence or audacity

Originally a Yiddish word, ‘Chutzpah,’ has been made famous by Haider in a fresh, new indigenous form that sounds suspiciously like a cuss word.


As it turns out, chutzpah belongs to India as much as jugaad . Don’t believe us? Sample some instances.

1. Hungama on the road

They’re clearly driving in the wrong lane. And then they confidently scream, ” Abey dekh ke nahi chala sakta?”


2. Being the baap with daddy’s help

There are so many drunk drivers who are hauled up by the cops. With a tipsy slur they ask, ” Jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai?”


3. Blaming the teacher

Parents get furious when their kids score low marks. It’s obviously the teacher’s fault. “Why has my son scored such low marks? Don’t you teach properly?”

4. Proudly peeing in public

Most Indian men have taken a leak under the blue sky one time or another. Because, “Public toilets stink. They are so dirty.”


5. Happily criticizing weddings

They drink. They dance. They eat like there’s no tomorrow. And then they walk out saying, ” Gulab Jamun acchhe nahi the .”


6. Littering with élan

We complain about how dirty the city is. And then we litter in public saying, ” Maine kahaan ganda kya? Pehle se ganda tha .”


7. Crossing roads like a boss

Pedestrians cross the road when the light is green. And then they get mad at you for nearly running over them. ” Kya kar raha hai? Maarega kya?”


8. Using fake currency notes

Everyone loses their minds on discovering fake notes. But later they slyly reuse them saying, ” Beech mein daal de, koi nahi dekhega .”


9. Using mobiles inside the theatre

We’ve come across those annoying ones who talk loudly on their phones while a movie is playing. You request them to stop disturbing everyone else and they angrily tell you, ” Dekhta nahi, main phone par baat kar raha hoon?”


10. Leching at girls who are ‘asking for it’

They’ll stare lecherously at a girl wearing shorts. After all, “She was only showing her legs off.”


All images used are for representational purposes only.