We’ve been seeing those pictures of our PM and his Japanese counterpart bonding together like old friends. It’s a trend we would love to see continuing forever. And here’s something more that just might become possible in the near, or distant, future.

1. Pick it up in style! Would we spot people using chopsticks to eat pakodas.

2. What’s that? Asari worn like a kimono. No, a kimono wrapped like a sari. Well, whatever.

3. We already forced the world into coming up with a vegetarian sushi. It’s now time for a Gujarati-style sushi. Or is Khandvi already half way there?

4. We know the fastest way to get into a local. They know how to make the fastest trains. Together, we’re unstoppable.

5. Same cutting chais at tapris. Just add some Japanese tea ceremony rituals to taste.