It's a great time to be an Indian. Actually, that's a bit misleading. In my opinion, it's always a good time to be an Indian. That's not up for debate at all. But right now, at this specific moment, there has never been a more perfect time to be a citizen of this country. Here's why:

1. We're leading the way when it comes to sports .

Saina Nehwal recently became the 1st Indian woman to gain the No. 1 ranking in badminton. Make us proud Saina!

Source: GQIndia

2. We're strong enough to help others to their feet.

In our neighbour's hour of need, we made sure we were there to lend a helping hand to Nepal and its citizens.

Source: Rediff

3. We will never leave our own behind again.

When over 5000 Indians were stranded in war torn Yemen, the Armed Forces managed to pull off one the greatest war zone evacuation efforts in recent times.

Source: HuffingtonPost

4. There's a reason we're the world's largest democracy. And now, the voice of the people has never been louder.

In every election, we see the opinion of the common man rising above the din of corruption and power.

Source: Blogs.sac

5. For the first time in history, an all women's contingent marched in the Republic Day Parade .

Like so many times before, the Indian Armed Forces lead the way for society. Women's empowerment for the win!

Source: Hindustantimes

6. We've recognized the third gender. It doesn't matter what history says, everyone is guaranteed their rights in our country.

It's just another step highlighting how we're moving ahead as an inclusive society.

Source: Newsfirst

7. Indians and their achievements are being recognized around the world.

We're making a difference and everyone is acknowledging it. Kailash Satyarthi winning the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, was just the start.

Source: Youthconnect

8. We successfully tested and launched Agni V.

It just highlights how we're moving ahead when it comes to protecting ourselves. What's more, it was wholly made in India.

Source: Defenceforumindia

9. We're always challenging ourselves.

Don't believe me? Tell that to the engineers who are building the world's tallest railway bridge over the Chenab river.

Source: Risingkashmir

10. As a society we're not as rigid as we once were, especially when it comes to our professional lives.

There are so many avenues now through which people can express themselves and follow their passions.

Source: BBC

11. We're innovators. We're making giant strides in science and technology.

Indians all over are now innovating and coming up with newer and bolder ways to make life better, for everyone. Case in point: ISRO's innovative use of the gravity sling shot to help Mangalyaan take to space.

Source: HindustanTimes

12. We're more self aware than ever. We know we're not perfect, but we're also willing to do something about it.

True, there are a lot of issues that still plague us, but the numerous movements and protests against them are testament to the fact that we're willing to make a change.

Source: Photo.sf

Yes sir, positivity and passion in the country are on the up and up and Indians are thinking, daring and achieving like never before. Different things inspire and drive different people. And right now, so many of us are finding that spark of inspiration to push us even further. Even Farhan Akhtar thinks so. And he knows a thing or about following your passion. Here's the man himself talking about what's Driving India.

So what drives you India? Share your stories here .

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