We’re always cribbing about how India is behind other countries in issues ranging from fancy cars to dark chocolate, but we should also remember to highlight and give some love to the things we’ve achieved and the progress the country’s made in several fields.

Somebody asked what fields India is better than Western countries on Quora , and here are some of the best answers!

1. India has the best remote sensing capabilities in the world

India’s remote sensing satellites evolved to stop dependence on satellite data from USA, which often suffered from delays. In 2013, India suffered from a cyclone of massive strength but the casualty was only one person, thanks to timely readings.

Source – vssc

2. The Indian space program is one of the world’s most cost effective

Apart from using the satellites for groundwater prospect mapping, crop acreage and production estimation etc, India’s Mars mission has been lauded for it’s cost, being completed at a miniscule $73 million.

Source – isrohq

3. India’s Thorium based nuclear program is one of the best in the world

India has the world’s largest deposits of Thorium, a naturally occurring radioactive chemical element that can replace Uranium for nuclear fuel. Thorium is known to be safer and also has a greater capacity for generating energy.

Source – telegraph

4. India is one of the most proficient in high altitude mountain warfare

Most of India’s conflicts have been fought in mountain regions at dizzying heights and temperatures touching -60 F. The US, Uk and Russia even send their troops to train in our high altitude warfare schools, proving that we have one of the best alpine fighting units in the world.

Source – defenseupdate

5. India’s dabbawalla system is almost flawless

Dabbawallas pick up home cooked lunches and deliver them to the people at work. It is popularly claimed that only 1 out of 6 million deliveries are ever mixed up, which is impressive, especially in the dense and frenetic swirl of Mumbai.

Source – indonesiaone

6. India is one of the most diverse countries

Ranging from diversity of languages, flaura and fauna, food habits, people, cultural values and historic lineage, we’ve got the whole heady mix surviving together.

Source – halabol

7. A festival is always around the corner in India

Apart from spreading love, gifts and light, festivals also herald the best thing known to man – holidays! With such religious diversity, India has one of the highest number of festivals in the world.

Source – fest300

8. Almost every Indian is multilingual

Unlike the West, almost every Indian person can speak two or more languages, thanks to English as the school medium apart from our own languages.

Source – letslearnaboutindia

9. We have a foundation in Ayurveda

India still has a system of Ayurveda in place, using ancient techniques to cure people’s illnesses based on a holistic approach with the patient.

Source – gayatridham

10. Indian IT industry is the second largest in the world

We are the second largest after China but will overtake them soon as well. What’s next, world domination?!(nope that’s China’s plan)

Source – ibnlive

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. Feel the pride sinking in?