Every Indian and Pakistani, at some point or the other, has questioned the partition of 1947. A lot of us still feel life would have been different (and in a good way) had we not split into two opposing halves. Just think about it, the strength, the diversity, the knowledge and the kind of nationality we would have had if we were united!

I think it’d be pretty epic to have something like that, even in imagination. Here’s why:

1. The cricket team would be an absolute WOW!

Imagine Virat Kohli and Misbah-ul-Haq in the same team! This pack of 11 could ace any match.


2. The tourism industry would bloom.

Imagine Agra’s Taj Mahal and Lahore’s Shalimar Gardens in one country! Wouldn’t it be mesmerizing?

3. A much more eloquent class of literary geniuses.

Especially with Urdu coming in, since it’s a dying language in India, it could initiate a genre of its own.

4. More variety of food.

As it is we have a diverse amount of food. But no one’s complaining, if we were to have more.

5. Music like Qawwali and Sufism would be more visible. We wouldn’t need a separate Coke Studio Pakistan version!


6. Better calligraphic representation in our designs, paintings and handicrafts.

We wouldn’t have to say, “oh it’s Pakistani style kaftan or a suit!” It’ll all come under one purview.

7. Can do away with channels like Zindagi to watch Pakistani shows. And both will have full access to Bollywood and the likes.

Indian film and TV industry will have a really good cast, and variety.


8. Bye-bye Kashmir dispute.

There’ll be a huge depreciation in power abuse at the borders. Much relief to the Kashmiri people!

9. We will have the largest Muslim population with 180 million from India and 178 million from Pakistan.

10. There’ll be a major reduction in defense costs, which could be used in other developing sectors.


11. We’ll actually have a humongous army; well-planned and directed.

12. Our GDP ranking would get better.

Estimated rough calculation: Indian ranks 10th on GDP, Pakistan 42nd. Combined, we could be 7th.

13. Our textbooks would be changed gravely. Especially the way we portray history and ethnicity!

14. We’ll be merging festivals.

15. Our ancestral lineage would finally find continuity after both Punjabs unite!

16. There wouldn’t be any boundary issues either.

No VISA problems and ‘cease fire on border’ situations.

17. No fear of invasion or world wars! Indo-Pak rivalry will come to an end once and for all.


18. Most importantly, there’ll be less judgement of the other country.

Just one quick question though, what do we call this ‘united entity’ if it ever merges? Any suggestions?

Article inspired from this Quora thread .