People on Quora were wondering about whether India ever got any form of revenge on the British Empire for their 200 years of ruinous control. Well for starters, remember reading about the might of the British East India Company, that controlled parts of the world, and wormed it’s way into claiming India as a colony?

Today, the East India Company that plundered and ruined India’s economy is owned by an unassuming man named Sanjiv Mehta. It was dissolved in 1871, but lived on as a small business.

Sanjiv is an entrepreneur who bought the company in 2005 and runs it now as a consumer brand focused on luxury foodstuff. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Another strangely satisfying fact is that Royal Enfield, the pride and joy of bearded Indians everywhere, was originally a British company that made rifles, cannons and other products. In fact, their ammunition was one of the reasons for the revolt of 1857.

In 1971, the original British Enfield producing company was dissolved, but the Indian one was thriving. In 1984, India started exporting Enfields back to the UK. I’d call that a win!

Source – ibikes