2014, has been a year of good things and bad but a few things and people have stood out from the crowd and risen to a whole new level. So as we get ready to step into a brand new year, let us take a look at the year that has gone by and salute the risers of 2014 who have set a #NayiParampara for generations to follow.

1) Narendra Modi

He did what other candidates couldn’t do, get people to vote! One of the most dynamic PM’s of India, Namo’s oath taking ceremony was attended by all the SAARC representatives. Even though he hails from a humble background, it didn’t take him long to become the 15th most powerful man in the world.

Source: time.com

2) Virat Kohli

He has proved to be an asset to the Indian cricket team. He not only won the prestigious award for the man of the tournament at the T – 20 world cup in the earlier part of 2014 , but has also been given the responsibility to captain the team in the absence of Dhoni.

Source: indya101.com

3) Kabaddi

This game, for the longest time, was associated with rural India. It made a refreshing come back in 2014 with the Pro Kabaddi League. We saw movie stars investing in Kabaddi teams, the teams saw cheerleaders and the game got a face-lift. 2014 got people excited about a game which was almost non existent.

Source: buzzoop.com

4) Mangalyaan

Who can ever forget India’s famous Mars Orbiter that reached the Mars orbit on its first try. The icing on the cake was the budget; India successfully launched the MOM with a budget that was less than a Hollywood movie.

Source: merijigyasa.com

5) India

The long hard struggle of fighting one of the most difficult challenges of a developing country finally came to an end. India declared itself Polio free in 2014.

Source: Hanson Services

6) Kailash Satyarthi

He has worked hard to get people to be against the heinous act of child labor. His continued hard work got the international labour organization to adopt Worst Forms of Child Labor Convention. In 2014 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Source: theguardian.com

7) The Blind Cricket Team

It is commendable enough that there is a blind cricket team but what is more commendable is that they went ahead and won the world cup in 2014.

Source: PMO India

8) Indian Women’s Football Team

They won the south Asian Football Federation for the third time in 2014. It surely is a big leap for a sport that doesn’t get much attention in the country.

Source: FIFA

9) Mary Kom

A true riser in every sense. Despite her humble background, Mary Kom has done what no other woman in India could do. She won the title of the first Indian woman boxer to win a gold medal in boxing in the Asian games in 2014.

Source: NDTV

10) Satya Nadella

He suddenly came into the lime light after Microsoft appointed him as the CEO in 2014. This is a befitting example that shows that Indians are going places.

Source: The New Yorker

Datsun believes in the Risers of our country and salute’s their growing achievement and the #NayiParampara they are setting.

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Here is to a better, greater and more successful 2015.This article is sponsored by Datsun.