The word ‘pickle’ is derived from the Dutch word ‘pekel’ but the process of pickling dates back 4000 years and is believed to have originated in Incredible India. The earliest known pickle was made from cucumbers and it is still popular in the West. But in India, there are many many more delectable achaars to choose from!

Nothing brings on the drools like achaar. Even a mention of the word ‘ achaar’ will make your taste buds crave for it. A meal is considered to be incomplete without a tangy pickle on the side, as they are the best taste enhancers for any dish.

Aam ka Achaar and Nimbu ka Achaar will always remain evergreen, but these 16 chataakedaar achaars are an absolute must try for every achaar lover.

1. Jhinga Achaar

Prawn pickle guarantees you a blast of flavours for your taste buds. Sun-dried prawns, marinated in lime juice and turmeric, cooked in mustard oil, ginger, garlic, bay leafs, mustard seeds and  preserved in white vinegar; Prawn Pickle is the non-veggie’s solution to spruce up a vegetarian meal!


2. Karele ka Achaar

Karela cooked in sesame oil with mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves and a good amount of chillies makes this bitter vegetable lip-smackingly edible for many.


3. Spicy Pickled String Beans

This is a quick pickle is made with string beans marinated in ground spices like turmeric, coriander powder and chilli powder. Mixed and tossed well in mustard oil with onions, salt and lemon, this pickle is ready to gorge on in just two hours!


4. Murgh Achaar

If your heart and mind are ruled by chicken, this one is definitely for you! Fresh tender chicken mixed in smooth paste of ginger-garlic and various spices and herbs will make you very, very happy.


5. Brinjal Pickle

Baingan ka Achaar has a beautiful abundance of tastes and flavours. From basic spices to the tanginess of vinegar to the ‘ teekhapan ‘ of chillies, garlic and ginger, this rare pickle is like a discovery in the world of brinjals!


6. Capsicum-Carrot Pickle

Unlike, gajar-gobhi , capsicum-carrot is an easy-to-make pickle. Mix blanched capsicum and carrot with spices: rye, kallongi , hing , salt, red chilli powder and pour hot mustard oil with fenugreek seeds over it. Cool it and keep it out for a day or two for the oozing juices to form the perfect pickle!


7. Pickled Cucumber

Like we mentioned earlier, pickled cucumbers was the earliest achaar known to man. This 4 minute recipe, adds the right amount of freshness to your dishes on a hot days. This is just heavenly with Tandoori Chicken or Paneer Tikka.


8. Date Pickle

If you are a pickle fan and have a sweet tooth, Date Pickle is the one must-have for you. The sweet, sour and tangy flavours will win your heart. It goes well with any favorite dish of yours from rice, roti to dosa even.

9. Gajar Mewa nu Achaar

This pickle is usually served at Indian wedding feasts. It’s a wonderful medley of sweet, sour and spicy notes of dried carrots and dry fruits, that will leave you asking for more!


10. Papaya Pickle


11.  Gosht ka Achaar

Ever thought of mutton being pickled? The deadly combo of achaar juices evenly mixed with succulent meat will take the glorify every dish on your dinner table.


12. Drum stick pickle

For this chatpata achaar, all you require is seedless soft drumsticks and basic spices! This drumstick pickle can be stored for a month or two but for a longer shelf-life, add more oil to it so that pickle remains soaked in the oil completely.

13. Amla Pickle

The Indian Gooseberry Pickle is one of the favorite pickle delight for masses! It’s simple to cook, but brings loads of richness and taste to the table. After preparation, it’s kept in sun for 5-6 days for its flavor to enhance manifold.

14. Apple Pickle

If you thoughts apples could only be made into desserts and jams, you were wrong! Apple Pickle is super-sumptuous and it’s sweet- spicy taste guarantees a foodgasm!

15. Pumpkin Pickle

Pumpkin pickle can not only be stored for many days but can be enjoyed with any dish. It can make plain rotis yummy too! It comes with a lovely aroma of fresh fenugreek seeds soaked in mustard oil.  It is a lip smacking pickle to binge on!


So, if you are a true an achaar addict, try these out and make sure you add more mouth-watering pickles to our list!