The Indian Armed Forces are no exception to this statement, with their unparalleled valour and sense of duty to their motherland and her people. With a strength of over 1.3 million active personnel, The Indian Armed Forces are the third largest military force on the planet and one of the finest.

“In war, the heroes always outnumber the soldiers, ten to one.” – H. L. Mencken

These mottos from the Indian Armed Forces’ units explain why they’re so badass:

Translation: Win Over The Enemy In The Sky

Translation: Touch The Sky With Glory

Translation: May the Lord of the Oceans be Auspicious Unto Us

Translation: Freedom From Sickness To All

Translation: Valour And Wisdom

Translation: Everywhere With Honour And Glory

Translation: First, Always First

Translation: Victory Over The Enemy

Translation: By Land And Sea

Translation: It Is Glorious To Die Doing One’s Duty

Translation: It Is Better To Die Than Live Like A Coward

Translation: Ever Powerful

Translation: The Brave Shall Inherit The Earth

Translation: Victory Everywhere

Translation: Spirit of Unity and Valour

Translation: With Determination, I Shall Win

Translation: Prosperity in Peace and Victory in War

Translation: Duty Before Death

Translation: Fight With Determination

Translation: Valour Triumphs

Translation: Unique Valour

Translation: Work Is Worship

Translation: Success And Attainment

Translation: Valour in Battle is Praiseworthy

Translation: Sacrifice is a Sign of the Brave

Translation: Strength Through Weapons

Translation: Swift and Secure

Translation: Everywhere

Translation: Duty Unto Death

Translation: We Protect

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Design Credit: Vineet Kumar