We all like listening to bands from across the continents, and with higher production quality, the music does sound better sometimes. It’s time to give some love to our homegrown talent however, the ones who only reach out to a small part of Indian listeners.

Here’s a list of Indian bands you should watch out for!

1. Superfuzz

Old school garage rock by one of the tightest groups around. Rock out with socks out… or whatever they call it.

2. Neel and the Lightbulbs

Their stuff is diverse, chill and generally makes you feel good about things.


3. The Jass B’stards

A three piece with stage antics that match the crazy spy music they like to play. Check them out if you’re into dancing for hours (who isn’t?)

4. Tajdar Junaid

His music is evocative, well crafted and his song was recently featured in the Iranian film ‘The President’.

5. Madboy/Mink

Their brand of electro swing got so popular that Byomkesh Bakshy features it!

6. Sky Rabbit

They’ve been around for a while, but have never lost their irreverent style of songwriting. They’re just straight up cool.

7. Bombay Bassment

Check them out if you like reggae, funk and rap. In fact add ska, soul and hip hop to that list as well. Basically just check them out, they’re so good!

8. Feyago

One of the only Indian rappers with good flow and diction, this Kolkata dude is killing it, having won a VH1 award recently (That’s big).

9. The Ganesh Talkies

They mix old school Bollywood stylings with kitschy clothes and fiery stage presence. Oh, and a whole lot of disco.

10. Peter Cat Recording Company

Their cabaret style music gels with the drawling melancholic vocals so well it should be illegal. Plus this video is fine as hell.

11. Nischay Parekh

Him and his drummer are just so talented, and the music is oh so lovely.


12. The Shakey Rays

An old school rhythm and blues loving band from Chennai with some killer tunes and an upcoming album you should definitely check out.

13. Sridhar/Thayil

Too much talent in this band. Spoken word poetry goes hand in hand with some killer musicianship and general badassness(is that a word?).

14. Shaa’ir and Func

One of the most popular bands around, their electro influenced brand of music is pretty cool,especially live. The singer’s pretty hot too.

15. Avial

They mixed a bunch of styles of music with Malayalam lyrics to make some of the most hard hitting tunes to come out of the Indian scene.

16. Fuzzculture

This duo has one of the most hardcore live shows. It incorporates electronic influences with live drums and dubstep influences. Check out this track they did for this little ditty on Delhi.