Summers are here. Which, for an Indian, means that power cuts are here as well. Striking us at the most unexpected times especially in the night when we’re happily drifting off to sleep, power cuts can be the worst human experience ever. Here are 15 things we Indians do during these dreadful power cuts:

1. Transforming the day’s newspaper into a handheld fan and using it till both hands are ready to drop.

2. Positioning your head underneath the tap and letting the cold water flow flow flow.

3. Step out of your apartment and prowl the streets looking for an ice-cream wala and then ordering 3-4 orange bars.

4. Reduce the brightness of your phone to 5% and play Candy Crush hoping after a few levels the power will return.

5. Pray to God and tell him that if he truly loves you he’ll bring back the power within the next 15 minutes.

6. Raid your fridge for any kind of cold fluids and empty them in one go.

7. Make conversation with your neighbors for the first time since you’re likely to find them pacing outside their apartments.

8. Turning your fridge into a make-shift air-conditioner by opening it’s door and sticking your head in it.

9. Continuously call up some obscure number for the electricity department and ask them when the electricity will come back.

10. Go for a long walk in your neighbourhood dressed in ganjis and shorts.

11. Sit at your balcony and admire the starry sky for 15 minutes before reality strikes you and you get pissed off again.

12. Stay in bed and hope against hope that you fall asleep and wake up in the morning to find out the current has come back on.

13. Light up candles across your room, put on the torches and make an effort to read a book until the heat gets to you.

14. Go on a rant about how inefficient the Government is and forget all about it the next day.

15. And of course, last but not the least, put up angry messages on FB about the power cut and simultaneously Instagramming the dark scenes around you.

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