I am yet to meet someone who does not like to travel. Whether it is a reunion with college friends, an extended weekend getaway, or just amazing weather, we always look for reasons to pick up our bags and leave. Still looking for inspiration?

These Instagram travel accounts will make you want to leave everything and just go!

1. subhash_chandra

From the ever-so royal Rajasthan, Subhash Chandra’s account is a mixture of his trekking and travelling experiences in the Himalayas, in Delhi, and in his hometown. The landscapes are refreshing and charming.

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2. sonivivek

A petroleum engineer by profession, Vivek Soni’s travel diary includes stunning pictures from India and abroad.

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3. india.trail

Rohan K Abraham trails through India and his colourful Instagram feed captures nature in many shapes and colours.

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4. abhinavinsta

Abhinav Singhai’s pictures are minimalistic, yet awe-inspiring.

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5. abhiandnow

What’s better than a great picture? A great picture with a great caption! McLeodgaj lad Abhinav Chandel not only captures pictures, but also poems and stories on the road.

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6. india_travel_photographer

Jitendra Singh is a Shimla and Delhi-based travel photographer. He clicks portraits as well as landscapes.

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7. neelimav

Blogger Neelima V’s Insta feed is addictive! You can’t help but press the ‘see more’ button again, and again.

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8. lakshmisharath

Another blogger and media professional, Lakshmi Sharath usually clicks day-to-day things and makes them look prettier!

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9. shivya

Shivya’s Instagram feed says, she is just a girl who travels. Well, we think otherwise. Her pictures cast a spell that stays even after you have logged out of Insta.

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10. rushi_tambe

Rushi Tambe calls himself a compulsive and impulsive traveller. He clicks mesmerising photographs of offbeat travel locations around India.

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11. natgeotravellerindia

Nat Geo Traveller India’s Insta feed is something every aspiring traveller must follow. From flora and fauna, to landscapes and people, it shows us different facets of the country in a click.

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12. lonelyplanetindia

Lonely Planet India claims to be s haring the best in travel, for the Indian traveller, and it doesn’t disappoint one bit. Pictures are delightful!

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13. ravivora

Settled abroad, Ravi Vora’s instagram account is wanderlust at its best. Based in Los Angeles, Vora’s feed is as dreamy as can be.

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14. changkwon_kim

Kim Changkwon is an explorer, currently in India. His clicks about his travels in India are impressive and inspiring.

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Still looking for inspiration? Pack your bags and leave already!

EDIT: The Milky Way picture, picked up by The Lonely Planet, was captured by Aditya Khandelwal. You can follow him here