Whether it’s a table, a chair or even a humble pen, almost all everyday objects are just merely a blend of form and function. And more often than not, they are designed to do one and only one thing. Unlike these brilliant 2-in-1 combos that are just raising the bar of awesomeness in product design:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle

1. This laundry + punching bag that can take a hell of a beating.

Pro tip: Playing ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ will help you burn more calories.

Source: suck.uk.com

2. This ring that’s also a bottle opener.

Fashionable and functional!

Source: shopobjcts

3. This french fries cone and dip holder.

I mean, how can you not want this.

Source: perpetualkid.com

4. These microfiber mop-slippers!

Now you can dance around and also clean the floor.

Source: fivedollarfinds.com

5. This ironing board that morphs into a step ladder.

Source: overstock.com

6. This card-shaped razor that’s easily going to fit inside your wallet.

Source: gadgetreview.com

7. This moustache mug that lets you stash your cookies.

Source: etsy.com

8. This spoon that also doubles up as a stylus!

Navigate through recipes and keep things clean with this awesome kitchen tool.

Source: umbra.com

9. This scarf that magically turns into a travel pillow.

The perfect accessory for flight. Period.

Source: sleeprscarf.com

10. This cup that’s also a night light!

What’s more, the cup also has a seal that will keep water fresh for several days.

Source: alittlesomethingdifferent.com

11. This hair clip that you can also use as a screwdriver, a wrench or a saw!

What can your hair clip do apart from just being a hair clip?

Source: thegadget-teer.com

12. This fold-able sofa-cum-bed-cum-chair-cum-table!

Source: forumupnorth.com

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