Trends come and go, and that’s always a good thing because without change we would all just be living in the past. There are, however, things that one forgets that held so much importance to us back in the day. Here are a couple of gadgets that are bound to bring the magic back and make you go like “Hey yeah! This thing!”.

1. The first Ipod Nano – The most revolutionary mp3 player

This pint sized music player was all the rage and with good reason. The huge space compared to the tiny sizy and sleek looks made it a perfect combination to show off to your friends and enjoy good tunes.


2. Nokia 6600 – The first camera phone

The first nokia phone with a built-in camera, this phone tickled all our fancies. It also gave the parents of several children sleepless nights thinking about what their kids were recording.


3. Nintendo Gameboy – The golden child of hand-held gaming

There’s only one adjective to describe this bad boy: epic. The Gameboy series revolutionised pocked sized gaming consoles and you could literally see pokemon enthusiasts piss themselves with excitement everytime a new title came out.


4. N-gage – The most famous phone-cum-gaming console

Regardless of the number of people who protested that the phone looks like a pakoda , the Nokia N-Gage was one of the first phones to render high quality games with next level graphics. I mean come on, who doesn’t like to control a tiny high definition Tomb Raider while arguing with their girlfriend… or vice versa.


5. Handheld camcorder – Capturing life’s best moments

Most people will have some blissful memories of their families captured forever on their handheld video camera, before the advent of the high quality camera phone. Good times.


6. Sony Walkman – Coolest thing to carry music in

This became a regular accompaniment to pretty much everyone who liked music. First playing cassettes and then moving on to CDs, the walkman was our organic old school music player.


7. Moto RAZR – The sleekest cell phone

This cell phone started a flip phone craze. The stunning design, innumerable features and low cost made this the leader of the cell phone market and also a fashion statement. This was also the time that antennas finally started disappearing, thank God.


8. Electric toothbrush – The next level of oral hygiene

Too lazy to brush at night and too sleepy in the morning? This thing right here had your back( and your front, sides and molars). Also, the vibrations felt weirdly cool.


9. Motorola PEBL – The cutest phone in the market

This phone made it it’s mark simply thanks to it’s visual appeal. The advertisement showed the phone rising up out of a stream in the forest, likening it to a real pebble in the midst of nature. Brilliant marketing and design, despite the design flaws and lack of practicality.


10. Panasonic G51 – The phone that’s smaller thank your palm

It was pretty much impossible to dial a number on this phone because of the size of the keypad, but that was ok because it was literally no bigger than a Laddu. It fit everywhere and left space in your pockets other, more nefarious items.


11. Old Intel Laptops – The first laptops in India

The advent of laptops in India got everyone excited. Even though they might look like old and huge machines now, they were a far cry from the chunky and slow working PC’s that were the norm back then.


12. Colourful Apple Macintoshes – The coolest looking computers

A testament to the importance of visual appeal, these old macs from the days before the Apple craze had low functionality but made up for it with fruit based body colours and see-through interiors. Tasty.


13. DVD players – Family movies made easy

Nowadays, we can just load a USB with a bunch of movies and connect them to our TVs, but until pretty recently, you had buy individual DVDs and load them onto your players and then watch them. What a long process!


14. Sega gaming consoles – Punch, shoot and slash your way to victory.

These were sold dirt cheap at pretty much every corner store. The cartidges for these would advertise themselves with like a million games which turned out to be mostly Mario and Street Fighter.


15. Canon Powershot – The 1st generation digicam

Turning the world world into a portrait was a snap away with the Canon. It was basically the DSLR of the late 90’s/ early 2000’s and had megapixel numbers that were stunning for the time.


16. Tekken 3 arcade parlours – Fighting never got friendlier than this.

You and your friends could beat each other to a pulp, on screen of course. Revolutionary gameplay and an environment that perfectly suited it. I think gaming arcades will linger in our memories for a long time.


17. Nokia 3510 – The first colour phone

This was the first colour phone which launched around 2001 and gave users a whole new experience in regard to phones. Bright and shiny display with funky icons for the win!


18. Digital organisers – The original communicator

These things faded out with the rise of smartphones. They served as your pocket diary and reminder, featuring a calendar, address book and all kinds of other features you find on phones nowadays.


19. First Blackberry – The businessman’s toy

Much before the rise and fall of Blackberry, it was an elite instrument limited only to the high flying and forever busy business class. The office-like layout and utility made it out of reach for most people.

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20. First generation Iphone – The one that started it all

This phone might look clunky and stocky, strange to the touch and barely usable, but it is still the phone that started the Iphone craze. Even the most famous phone in the world today had to start somewhere, and it’s good to take pride in one’s origins.

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21. First generation flip phones – The most fun kind of phones

You didn’t have to open your phone to look at the time or who was calling, it was easy and cool. Also, nothing could match the sheer satisfaction of flipping open a phone and answering it like they did in The Matrix.


22. Nokia N97 – The sliding keypad phone that defined technology

The smooth and sleek process in which you could operate this phone plus the tonnes of features made this one of the coolest phones around. A full keyboard and a big screen: Total win.


23. Nokia Xpress Music – The simple looking but massive sounding phone

This phone was a success from the word go. It looked like any other phone in the market but the sound quality of the speakers and it’s earphone output was far beyond any other phone in the market at the time. Sonic bliss!


Thinking back on these gadgets, we might find them lame and pointless now. At the time however, they were the absolute best. They were directly proportional to how cool you were and how tech savvy you looked, plus they were totally packed with cool features.