It’s not a very uncommon sight in India to spot young lads and ladies begging outside temples, railway stations and traffic signals. And one cannot help but feel sorry for these people, not for their financial state but for their unwillingness to work. However, We In Twenties – 20’s have come up with a story of 85-year-old Shila Ghosh, which has inspired everyone on the Internet.

Shila Ghosh can often be spotted selling chips and other snacks on pavements just outside the Haldiram’s outlet at Exide in Kolkata.

The 85-year-old superwoman is not only setting an example by working at this age but is also an inspiration to many who kneel down in front of difficulties. Overcoming a huge personal loss in the form of her son’s demise in a car crash, Shila decided to take control of her unenviable situation instead of caving into it.

At 85, human limitations have sure caught on with the iron lady, but Shila refuses to sit at home and instead works hard to earn the bread and butter for her family everyday. She’s been doing it for the last 5 years now.

We salute the spirit of Shila Ghosh for her relentlessness and thank her for inspiring all of us to work harder and better everyday.