Imagine a day when you do not have Internet access. Does it seem like the most boring day ever? If you said yes to that, there’s a chance you might be addicted to the Internet.

Here are some other signs, just to be sure.

1. You have your Internet guy’s number on your speed dial.

2. When there’s a power-cut, while other people worry about the light, the heat or the fan, your main concern is the Wi-Fi.

Your main concern when you watched the crash survivors on Lost , was how they didn’t have connectivity.

3. You hate it when they ask you to turn off your phone during flights.

4. You judge people who do not get bothered with data usage limits.

An 8Mbps connection with a 2GB download limit? That’s like having a Ferrari and using it for driving only to the grocery store.

5. When booking hotels, the first thing you check is whether they have free WiFi.

And if they do…

6. Your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot feature is the best thing in the world.


7. There’s always a green or red dot next your username on everyone’s chat list because you’re always online.

8. You’re the person all your friends call when they’re away from the Internet but they need to check something online.

9. And because you’re always online, you often find yourself involved in unwanted 3AM chats with friends who need someone to listen to them.

Because you’re the only one awake at that hour.

10. You’re Facebook friends with the Internet cafe guy because you’ve known him since the “good old days”.

11. Any place where the connectivity drops, is a ‘no go’ zone for you.

You get pissed off every time you pass through a tunnel.

12. Offbeat travel destinations aren’t your thing because you’re scared remote areas might have zero connectivity.

Into the Wild was a waste of a book/movie, in your opinion.

13. The first thing you do when you enter someone’s house is ask what their WiFi password is.

14. A friend who isn’t active online seems the most distant.

15. You can survive days without talktime on your phone as long as your data plan is still active.

This is you, with an active data plan.

16. You cannot imagine life without a smartphone.

17. When someone texts you instead of sending a message on WhatsApp, it boils your brain.

18. For every one friend you have in the offline world, you have dozens in virtual space.

19. Just like some people like to read the newspaper in the morning while in the loo, you like to catch up on the latest scoop while you poop.

You don’t wanna forget your phone while taking a dump. Or else, this could be you.

20. You’ve never been bored since the invention of the Internet.

It’s a deep abyss and you’re always in explore mode.