The Deep Web is home to a lot of unique and weird stuff. While it does have a bad reputation, mainly due to Silk Road, it isn’t really as evil as people think it is. So when Irish YouTuber, Jamie Farrell who runs the channel Obscure Horror Corner , went in, even he probably didn’t expect to discover what he did. As a horror game reviewer, finding something that can truly freak him out is a rarity. And then he stumbled upon Sad Satan, what is now being called the creepiest game on the Internet.

In fact, it was so scary, he uploaded five videos of the game to his channel before finally deleting it. His reason for taking that step? The game started threatening him.

As you follow him navigating through long, dark corridors, you see famous photographs of Satanic imagery, Naz-era photography, clips of Led Zeppelin’s supposedly Satanic “Stairway to Heaven” and monologues of Charles Manson , eventually getting stuck on one classic refrain, “If I start murdering you people, there’d be no one left.”

At one point, you even hear a little girl letting out a blood-curdling, but disturbingly realistic, scream. Check the video out below.

WARNING: What you are about see and hear is extremely disturbing.

After the videos were released on YouTube, a user named _cool started a thread on Reddit, where people have identified pieces and information of the puzzle that is Sad Satan .

You can check out all 5 of the videos on Jamie’s YouTube channel, Obscure Horror Corner .

Featured Image: Tumblr