The much anticipated Apple Event finally happened on Wednesday, 9th September, and Apple made some major announcements across all platforms. Tim Cook introduced us to the new range of products ranging from iPad Pro, Apple TV to the brand new iPhones.

The highlight of the event at San Francisco was the unveiling of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Here are 10 things you need to know about them:

3D Touch

Apple has added the latest and the most advanced feature in the new iteration of iPhones called 3D Touch. It enables the users to interact with the phone as it adds an extra dimension to the screen.

3D Touch allows you to press on app icons and other buttons to pull up shortcuts directly for specific features. For example, you could lightly tap on an email to look at the content inside, and if you press harder, the content window will pop open.



Both the new iPhones come with Apple’s latest A9 chip which is 64 Bit and is built with a new transistor architecture. It belongs to the third generation which has a 70% faster CPU and a 90% GPU than the previous A8 chip.


Rear Camera

Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus both come with a 12-megapixel iSight Rear Camera. This is a 50% improvement from the earlier generations. The camera is now capable of recording 4K video and is supposed to have an improved autofocus. It also has the all new TrueTone flash.


Live Photos

Apple has introduced a new feature called Live Photos. This works by taking a few extra frames of photos before and after you snap a photo, so that each of your photos have clips of live action.


Front Camera

Apart from the rear camera, Apple has also made a bump in the front-facing selfie camera which is now 5-megapixel. A new front-facing flash has also been added which uses the LED screen to mimic the actual flash.

You can take amazing selfies now even in low light.


iPhone 6S maintains the same size as the iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch display and so does the iPhone 6S Plus with a 5.5 inch display.

The phones look identical to their predecessors but there is a new colour available called Rose Gold.


Touch ID

Apple claims to have a better and improved version of Touch ID in both iPhones. They didn’t go into a lot of detail in this department but presumably it will be faster and more accurate than the previous version.


Both the iPhones come with a more durable and stronger aluminium back. Apple has used aircraft grade 7000 aluminium alloy which provides a lot of sturdiness. This also reduces Bendgate issues much to the relief of the consumers.

The screen has been enforced and it’s the strongest screen Apple has ever come out with.


LTE & WiFi Performance

With the installation of new wireless chips in the new iPhones, there will be an increase in the wireless speed over WiFi and LTE. The speed for both will be twice as fast as previous models.

Price & Availability

Pre-Order for the new iPhones starts on 12 th September. They will be available in select countries starting September 25 .

These iPhones will be available starting at $199 (approx. ₹13,225)* on a two year contract for the 16GB version and going up to 64GB and 128GB for $100 (approx. ₹6,645)* more per tier in USA.

*These prices are not for India. Prices for India are yet to be revealed.