We’ve all heard about the dangerous ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). They’re always in the news these days. Minorities live under the shadow of constant terror, and stories of human rights violations are hardly uncommon. What is more surprising is that young Europeans are being increasingly lured to join the extremist organisation.

As saddening as it is to see countless families mourning about their children crossing over the borders to join the Jihadi forces, it also raises a pertinent question. How does ISIS manage to instil fear among so many across borders? What weapons do they possess in their arsenal that have come to challenge the formidable security forces of so many countries? What are the war toys that actually gives them such arrogance?

The answer is as shocking as it is scary. Here are 9 kinds of deadly weapons that just got deadlier in their possession. Take a look:

1. Soviet T-72s

ISIS captured tanks from the Iraqi army, many of which are relatively modern Soviet T-72s. ISIS have approximately 10 of them.

2. Type 59 Artillery

Also known as the 130 mm towed field gun M-46 M1954, ISIS was reported to use Type 59 Soviet made missiles against the Iraqi troops in August.

3. FIM-92 Stinger MANPADs

According to a Fox News coverage, ISIS got their hands on multiple American Stringer Missiles from an Iraqi base. Though the Stinger is lightweight and simple to use, needing only one soldier to operate it, it’s no small threat.

4. Type 59 Artillery

In August, ISIS was reported to use ZU-23-2 “Sergey” Anti-Aircraft Cannons. These Soviet-made anti-aircraft mounted guns have brutal effectiveness against Iraq’s dwindling helicopter gunship force.

5. Iraqi Chemical Weapons

In July, ISIS got their hands on an Iraqi chemical weapons facility in north Baghdad. Recently, a Business Times report said that these weapons were used against the Kurdish troops.

6. Chinese HJ-8

Strange as it is, ISIS also managed to get its hands on some of these 1980s Chinese missiles that have a record of a 90% hit rate.

7. 9K32 Strela-2/SA-7 Grail

According to a report by The Washington Post , ISIS have been recorded using these shoulder-mounted surface-to-air missiles on multiple occasions.

8. American/Iraqi Humvees

Besides tanks and missiles, the Humvees that ISIS acquired from US and Iraqi bases have proved to be a steal. These are perfect in the treacherous deserts and thus their widespread use is explained. They are also very good for weapon emplacements.

9. M198 Howitzer

According to the Business Insider , ISIS acquired 55 of these American M198 Howitzers. The weapon is capable of firing 155mm shells with a kill radius of 50 meters .

With such deadly weapons in the hands of an extremist military organisation, how safe is the 21st century world?