I was derping around the internet today when I found an interesting story. I mean, we’ve all grown up eating Parle G. It’s one of our fondest childhood memories. But I’ve found a place that’s absolutely nuts about it.

Tapri, The Tea House, is a small café in Jaipur which of all things, describes itself as a humble tea stall. Humble it may be, but there is more to this place than meets the eye.

It was set up by two MBA graduates, Ankit Bohra and Saurabh Bapana, who left their cushy bank jobs in Mumbai to make their own mark in Jaipur’s thriving café scene.

And a mark they have made. Within six months of business, the place had broken even and they have opened another outlet.

It’s an interesting place with an offbeat ambience.

There are live performances.

An endless supply of awesome food and snacks.

And of course, laughs galore and lots of friendly banter.

A quirky thing about these guys is that they have been serving complimentary Parle G biscuits with every cup of tea since their very inception. And here’s the thing, no matter which brew you order, you’ll always get a plate of biscuits for free.

In fact, in a testament to their love for the biscuits, they’ve recently made a poem and a poster for Parle G. So much biscuit love…

You go guys. More power to you. Keep bringing on the awesome tea and of course, the Parle G.

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