*Knock knock*

Who’s there?

Krishan Lal.

Krishan Lal who?

Krishan Lal who climbed on the back of a constable to cross a stream.

That’s right folks. While normal people just cross a stream when they encounter one, Indian lawmakers beg to differ.

Just like lawmaker Mr. Krishan Lal, who got a bit ‘carried away’ by a constable.

Doesn’t that image remind you of something else? Something creepy maybe?


According to a report by NDTV , when questioned, the lawmaker from Chhamb assembly seat of Jammu & Kashmir found nothing wrong in the constable carrying him across the river.

“This is not misuse of power, the government has hired the PSO (Personal Security Officer) to help me, what is wrong if he helped me cross the stream?” Mr Lal told reporters.

Whatever floats your boat, Mr. Lal.