It’s a new year and kudos to a new start! But, here’s the problem. After an over-hyped New Year’s celebration, you realize you have to go back to the old year’s monotony! In fact, much like every other New Year you’ve seen, you’re expected to gear up in a manner never seen before, until you drift right back into the old you. How’s that for a start?

Here are 13 reasons why January wins The Worst Month Of The Year award!

1. Say hello to January blues! Especially if you were working on the 1st!

You’re going through a terrible hangover from the previous night but you’ve to drag yourself to work! FML!


2. It’s the Monday among months. And on all 31 days!

Monday blues for an entire month simply sucks!


3. If you’ve made resolutions, you have to keep up!

Let’s face it, keeping up with those is easier said than done.


4. It is the most aggravating time to check your social media news feeds!

It’s full of status updates and tweets on resolutions and wishes that you really couldn’t care less about.


5. If you’re someone without any plan for the coming year, you feel absolutely lost!

And a little worried because everyone else seems to be sorted!


6. After a lavish New Year’s bash, you find yourself with an empty wallet!

A broke start after an expensive affair. What a bummer!


7. New year, new you! Or is it?

The truth is that it is a new year with the same old you, still trying to figure things out.


8. You are expected to work with a lot more vigour!

You feel like a new you has been hired. Someone who is expected to work ten times more. Time for a reality check!


9. If you’re in college/high school, you have to get out of the fancy vacation mode!

Welcome to yet another drill of semester projects and pre-boards!


10. Apart from the usual weekends and Republic Day, there is no holiday to look forward to!

You feel a sudden-low after all the Christmas excitement. You only want this month to end ASAP!


11. With the fiscal year coming to an end in March, behold the pressures of its closing, starting in Jan!

Tying up loose ends, figuring out your accounts and what not!


12. If you bought something brand new in the previous year-end, the newbies in the market tease you for not waiting!

Suddenly you find way too many new products that you have to resist from  buying because you bought quite a few in the December Sale!


13. You get a feeling of “Oh my God! Another year gone and I’m still where I was!”


January is, in fact, an overwhelming month! While it may be full of hope and motivation for a new start, we’re often driven to a much more depressing reality! In any case, Happy New Year!