Do you feel that your current career path isn’t going in the direction you wanted it to? Or, do you experience a burnout in your field of work? Or, to put it simply, do you feel your current job is not exciting enough? If the answer to any of these questions is “YES!” then, it’s time you rethink your career choices and start thinking about doing what you really love. That’s why, we are giving you 10 awesome alternate jobs that you’d be really good at with your current skills:

1. If you are a writer who…

a) Is always online then you would make a fantastic Social Media Manager.

b) Loves writing short and witty taglines then you would make a great Copywriter.

c) Just cannot stand typos then you would make a great Proofreader.

2. If you are a mechanical engineer who…

a) Loves custom bikes and cars then you could be a great Automobile Designer.

b) Likes organizing things and loves complex processes then you would be an awesome Supply Chain Manager.

c) Always wanted to be an “agent” of some sort then you can take a different route and work as a Patent Agent. Sounds fancy, right?

3. If you are an accountant who…

a) Likes numbers but hates the thought of accounting then consider being an account manager at an ad agency.b) Likes to live life on the edge then, consider being a Risk Analyst at an MNC.c) Loves budgeting then why not be a producer for a movie or a TV Show?

4. If you are a lawyer who…

a) Loves explaining things and talking for hours then you could be a life-coach.

b) Just can’t stand mismanagement then you could be a manager at an MNC.

c) Enjoys drafting those lengthy case files then you would make a brilliant Fantasy Book writer.

5. If you are a burned-out IT worker who…

a) Loves cars then you can totally apply to an Auto Manufacturer as a manager since most cars today are built with computers.

b) Loves reading and writing then why not become a full-time researcher?

c) Loves gaming then why not make a full-time career by being a game reviewer on YouTube?

A hardcore gamer as a kid, Lakshaya also recently quit his job as a software engineer only to follow his passion of game development. What can you say, he still codes, but now only for games! Check out what he has to say about it.

6. If you are an architect who…

a) Loves doodling then you could be an illustrator. It’s a highly sort-after job.

b) Likes technology and has a thing for colors then you could be a graphic designer.

c) Spends a lot of time ogling at hand crafted furniture then you could be an interior designer.

7. If you are a fashion designer who…

a) Likes writing and reading fashion magazines then being a fashion blogger could be something to consider.

b) Loves photography and everything to do with good pictures then you could be a great fashion photographer.

c) Can’t stop striking a pose then why not get paid for it? Have you considered modelling?

8. If you are a researcher who…

a) Loves talking and meeting new people then you should consider holding various workshops.

b) Likes imparting your knowledge to others then you should totally be an assistant professor at a fancy university.

c) Wants to see others doing well, then you could start your own coaching center for competitive exams.

9. If you are a doctor who…

a) Loves having an opinion on things then you could be a consultant for a pharmaceutical company.

b) Likes to stay at home but still wants to help people then you could excel in the field of TeleMedicine where you solve peoples’ problem over the phone.

c) Have an eye for details then why not be an expert witness. You can have a lucrative career by carefully screening law suits and serving as an expert witness in medical malpractice cases.

10. If you are a teacher who…

a) Is looking for a new challenge then you could be a corporate trainer and teach adults!

b) Can’t get enough of those corrections and are a stickler for details then you could be a successful freelance editor.

c) Can’t get enough of kiddie time and loves birthday cakes then you could be a party planner for kids’ birthday parties.

Maybe it’s time for a job change !

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Feature Image: Idea Popcorn Street / India Times

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