To celebrate the occasion called life , I suggest you open the bar cabinet and select a beautiful hand-cut crystal glass. Two cubes of ice, maybe three will not hurt, drop them in gently so that they clink delicately against the crystal, and choose your ageing whiskey well – Black Label if you’re a classic man or woman, Red Label if you have someone over for company, Blue Label for a celebration. Measure it with the pace of your breathing, 1…2…3… the amber liquid will flow over the rocks that will catch the light and split it into the colours of the rainbow that you will see from the comfort of your plush leather chair.

If you cannot afford it, there is just one thing to do, isn’t there? Keep Walking.

Even if it means you have to break a few rules.

And the odds are it may get tougher

And then get worse

Before it gets better

And you’ll see it won’t be so bad

For you will have left the storm behind

And you will make the road your home

And the sharks will be left behind to bite the dust

Before you can almost taste it, can’t you?

Taste the success.